Open Letter from President of ATIBOX Mr. Pedro Bispo

invitation to conference in Madrid 27th january 2024


Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome – BOAS

On the 20th and 21st June 2023 an International Boas Conference was held in Oslo, Norway hosted by
the FCI in cooperation with the Norwegian Kennel Club.
Present was 81 delegates from 15 different countries representing the Veterinary Profession,
National Kennel Clubs and International Organisations, I attended as the representative of Atibox.
The boxer is one of the 24 Brachycephalic breeds and these breeds are amongst the most popular and
highest registered breeds worldwide.
The aim of the conference was to inform and discuss the issues which face Brachycephalic breeds and
to exchange knowledge and views about what control schemes are available and how the health of
these breeds can be improved. It was recognised that to improve health matters discussions and
cooperation from all the contributing partners was needed, that is Breeders, Veterinarians, Kennel
Clubs, Judges, Health and Welfare organisations.
This report is compiled to inform the Atibox members countries of the discussions, it is a resume of
the conference as I have understood and recorded it. It is not intended as a ’technical or veterinarian
document’ but it is my hope that it explains in terms which can be understood what was discussed.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome Report

Boas Conference – Appendix 1

BOAS – Appendix Documents

Boxer – Airway


Nordic Kennel clubs assesment[2076]

Nordic Kennels Clubs German Boxer[2077]

Nostril Grading Examples – Appendix 3


The Respiratory Function Grading Scheme – Appendix 2

OFFICIAL EXCUSES to Mr. Lucic and ATIBOX by Ana Trajkovski 

“We personally apologize to the private prosecutor Prof. Dr. Lučić Miloš because of the insults uttered about him in the letter sent by e-mail on May 22, 2019. year to the email addresses of Atibox representatives and published on the Facebook pages of Ana Trajkovski and the Boxer Club of Serbia, as well as due to the sharing of audio-video recordings from the YouTube and Vimeo platforms without prior consultation and the consent of the private prosecutor, which was done through the above link, as well as through the Facebook pages of Ana Trajkovski and the Boxer Club of Serbia. Ana Trajovski

Facts and information about actions Mr. Hernandez and Ms. Csuk

For the continued purposes of truth, honesty, integrity and transparency we inform you of further facts and information in regard to the actions of Rafael Hernando Hernandez and Michelle Csuk who represented the BSK Boxer Club of Bosnia at the General Assembly in Hungary.

 Letter from BSK Boxer club with comment ATIBOX

Original letter BKS Boxer Club