Convention of the Atibox


On the initiative of the Boxer-Club de France and in agreement with the Société Centrale Canine, Paris, the representatives of the boxer-clubs met in Strasburg in 1950 and founded the ATIBOX. On the occasion of the Meeting of the Presidents on 3rd April, 1966, at St Louis (F), it was decided to recommend to the Commission Meeting on 3rd/4th September, 1966, in Milan, to accept the proposed convention. The Extraordinary General Assembly of ATIBOX, in Frankfurt/M on 7th October, 1967, stated that the Milan resolutions had been passed without the approval by the individual boxer-clubs and were therefore not valid. A review of the Convention was recommended. The coordination of the proposals made by the boxer-clubs resulted in the following wording that has been approved by the boxer-clubs through their General Assembly and has been passed by the Congress in Verona on 20th April, 1968, and modified by the General Assemblies on 17/05/85 in Munich, on 21/06/86 in Basel, on 26/06/93 in Basel, on 30/05/98 at St. Vulbas/F, on 26/05/2001 in St. Gallen, on 29/05/2004 in Deurne/NL, on 1/06/2007 in Novi Sad/SER, on 28/05/2010 in Wroclaw/PL and on 19/05/2012 in Rivolta D’Adda/I.


Under the designation of Association Technique Internationale du Boxer (ATIBOX) and in accordance with all FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) rules, has been founded an International Technical Commission by the Organizations of boxer kennel clubs in various countries. Since the 19.02.2006, ATIBOX has a cooperation agreement with the FCI. ATIBOX has its official seat at the domicile of the acting President .


The objective of ATIBOX is to preserve the technical interests of the breed German Boxer on international basis ; it thus promotes and encourages the breeding, the working and the beauty shows, as well as education and research, the standard of the country of origin being always considered as the basis of all activities . The character of the boxer is of extremely high importance and has to be preserved thoroughly. ATIBOX is an ideal association with no profit purpose.


ATIBOX endeavours to reach the objectives stated in Art. 2 by the following means :
a) Maintenance of a friendly and sportsmanlike attitude between all members
b) Designation of technical councellors (experts) or of commissions for technical and special subjects
c) Publication of interesting reports of judges and experts d) Treatment of all problems concerning the boxer
e) Organization of technical meetings, special shows and working trials for boxers within the framework of the national boxer-club and its control organization in each country
f) Canine research on the basis of the newest scientific knowledge


Any association for boxer breeding in any country may acquire membership in ATIBOX if their kynological control organization (organization controlling all kynological associations of a given country) is a member of FCI. The demand for membership has to be addressed to the ATIBOX President in written form. A preliminary acceptance into the members’ list can be pronounced by the Committee with a majority of 2/3 of the votes ; the final acceptance can only be pronounced by a General Assembly . Only one single association or club per country can be accepted. Dissident organizations are not acceptable.

Obligations of the member countries :
The rules of the Convention and the additional rules (shows, trials etc) are to be followed. No deviation from these rules is allowed without the special agreement of the Committee. The annual membership fee is to be paid before the end of the month of February. The annual report has to be filed to the General Secretary at the latest on June 1st of the following year.


Resignation from ATIBOX may only occur in the end of each business year (calendar year) and must be notified to the President by registered letter by the end of September at the latest.


a) is no longer a member of a controlling organization affiliated to FCI
b) if despite of reminders a club is in arrears with its annual fee for two years
c) if despite of reminders a club does not file its annual report on breeding and working The club will be informed about the expiration of its membership by the President of ATIBOX by means of a registered letter.


Members pay an annual fee, fixed by the General Assembly, in order to cover the cost.


Any engagement of ATIBOX is exclusively to be covered by the assets resulting from the fees. Any individual liability of the members is excluded.


The different bodies are:
a) the General Assembly of ATIBOX
b) the Committee (Management)


The suprime body of ATIBOX is the General Assembly, whose decisions on all questions are final and binding. A Regular General Assembly must be convoked every year, and every third year an Election General Assembly must be convoked and elect a new Board. (Changes GA 2010 Wroclaw/PL)

Each member country may be represented by a delegation not exceeding two delegates, but will dispose of one vote only. The right to bring forward motions and to vote will only be granted to members having paid their fees for the running and the preceding year (except new members) and have filed their two last annual reports. Each national organization has the responsibility to designate the delegate entitled to vote.

The Committee or 2/3 of the member countries may ask the President in writing to convoke an Extraordinary General Assembly that must be held at the latest 4 months after the demand at a central European location chosen by the President.

The date of the ATIBOX General Assembly as well as the date limits for filing proposals of candidates and motions shall be announced in due time, at latest 3 months before the meeting is scheduled to take place. (Convention changes 2012 Rivolta D’Adda/I) The official invitation, containing the agenda and all proposals and motions, must be sent by mail at latest 4 weeks before the General Assembly date.

Any elections and decisions are made by simple majority of votes. In case of egality of votes the President’s vote will decide.

The following functions are under the competence of the ATIBOX General Assembly
1. Approval of the President’s annual report
2. Approval of the General Secretary’s annual report
3. Approval of the annual report of the Responsible for Working Matters
4. Approval of the Treasurer’s rendering of the accounts
5. Auditor’s report
6. Discharge of the Committee
7. Election of the President, of the first and the second Vice-president, of the General Secretary, of the Responsible for Working Matters, of the Treasurer, for a period of three years. Re-elections are possible. Election of two assessors with voting right from countries who are not otherwise presented in the Committee. A re-election of these two assessors is not admitted. 8. Choice of two auditors.
9. Vote on submitted motions
10. Conferment of the ATIBOX events
11. Miscellaneous

The Committee consists of the President, a first and a second Vice-president, the General Secretary, the Responsible for Working Matters, the Treasurer and two Assessors with voting right. All Committee members must be members of the club in their respective countries. These clubs must necessarily be members of ATIBOX. In the case of a vacancy of the President’s chair, this charge will be taken over by the first Vicepresident until the next official new elections. On proposal by the Committee or the member countries, presidents or vice-presidents, after a minimum of 2 terms of office, may be elected honorary president by a decision of the General Assembly taken by simple majority. The honorary presidents are Committee members but shall have only advisory functions.

The Committee will treat all questions and motions that do not fall exclusively under the competence of the General Assembly.

On proposal of the President, the Committee may nominate permanent or not permanent experts and/or commissions who are entitled to be present at General Assemblies as councellors.

Decisions may be taken by way of written votes, the majority of the votes received within the time limit of 30 days being decisive.

The Committee Members of the Committee are the President, the two Vice-Presidents, the General Secretary, the Responsible for Working Matters, the Treasurer and two Assessors with voting right.

In case of contravention or heavy offence against the obligations of the ATIBOX Convention, any member of the Committee may be suspended immediately from his functions by a majority vote of the Committee. He will be granted the possibility to justify himself at the ATIBOX General Assembly.
Replacement of the member needs a partial election by the General Assembly (see Art. 10 and 12)

The Committee is competent to execute the decisions of the Committee and those of the General Assembly, to arrange and prepare the General Assembly, the Committee meetings , and also to prepare ATIBOX events.
In case of emergency, the President is entitled to take decisions that normally are the competence of the bodies. Such decisions must immediately be transmitted in written form by the General Secretary to the body concerned for approval.

The validation of modifications of the Convention requires the approval of 2/3 of the members present

The basic principles of management and the implementing statutes of the Convention shall be fixed by rules of procedure or by individual decisions by the General Assembly, to be taken with a majority of 2/3 of the votes polled.

The dissolution of ATIBOX needs the approval of 3/4 of the members. The net remainder of the member fees will be distributed pro rata the paid fees to the boxerclubs who, at the moment of the dissolution, are ATIBOX members having paid their member fee.

Editorial revision 05/12/12