STATUTES of the Atibox


On the initiative of the Boxer-Club de France and in agreement with the Société Centrale Canine, Paris, the representatives of the boxer-clubs met in Strasburg in 1950 and founded the ATIBOX. On the occasion of the Meeting of the Presidents on 3rd April, 1966, at St Louis (F), it was decided to recommend to the Commission Meeting on 3rd/4th September, 1966, in Milan, to accept the proposed convention. The Extraordinary General Assembly of ATIBOX, in Frankfurt/M on 7th October, 1967, stated that the Milan resolutions had been passed without the approval by the individual boxer-clubs and were therefore not valid. A review of the Convention was recommended. The coordination of the proposals made by the boxer-clubs resulted in the following wording that has been approved by the boxer-clubs through their General Assembly and has been passed by the Congress in Verona on 20th April, 1968, and modified by the General Assemblies on 17/05/85 in Munich, on 21/06/86 in Basel, on 26/06/93 in Basel, on 30/05/98 at St. Vulbas/F, on 26/05/2001 in St. Gallen, on 29/05/2004 in Deurne/NL, on 1/06/2007 in Novi Sad/SER, on 28/05/2010 in Wroclaw/PL and on 19/05/2012 in Rivolta D’Adda/I.

On the 17th of may 2018 ATIBOX was registered as an association at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands with basic Statutes. On 08/10/21 Kecksemet/HU final Statutes were approved which were registered by notary deed at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands on 23/12/21.