The commissions are formed and are working to consolidate and improve all aspects of Atibox, the  Atibox committee are open to any constructive ideas which will improve Atibox activities, please  forward to the secretary who will ensure they are passed to the appropriate commissions

Health Committee       

Mrs. Desiree de Bake- van Wijngaarden – Atibox committee memberLeader of Committee

Ana Paola Diaz Esteban (Spain) – Vet , breeder and judge   

Mrs. Maritha Ostlund Holmsten – Breeder and Judge

Ricardo Ravaglia –  Vet, Breeder & Judge


Judges Committee

Atibox committee member – Mr Pedro Bispo (Portugal)

Mr Anders Harman (Sweden)  with special responsibility for Nordic countries

Mr Ricardo Simões (Brasil) with special responsibility for South American / Latin countries 

Mr. Juan Manuel Rodriguez


Ethic & Discipline committee

Mr Pedro Bispo (Portugal)

Mrs Beatrice Stocchi (Italy)

Mr Nigel Rallings (UK and Spain)


Show Contracts  

Mr Nigel Rallings (UK and Spain)


Show Commission

Atibox committee members – Beatrice Stocchi & Alvaro Rios Izquierdo (Italy and Spain)

Kurt Kiekens (Belgium, Kennel V. Krato’s Hof)

Marcello Marino (Italy, Kennel di Boxerita)

Imre Birò (Hungary, President of Hungarian Boxer Club)

José Antonio Alonso (Spain, kennel de Kappabox).


Working Committee

Atibox committee member Mr Robert Fagos (Czech Republic)

Juan Carlos Garcia (Spain)

Hans Schiltkamp (Netherlands)


Atibox Promotion / Press / Face Book / Web-Page Commission

Atibox Committee member – Mrs Desiree de Bake-van Wijngaarden (Netherlands)

Alice Schiltkamp – web / fb adminstrator (Netherlands)