Dear Boxer family,

This is an open letter, open invitation for those who put the Boxer breed first.

We have in first place the responsibility to defend the Boxer breed, all Boxer Clubs and Associations, all Breeders, all Judges, all Boxer lover´s, we are those who must work to improve the boxer breed quality in all aspects.

We are ones who must fight for our breed, we must wake up to what is happening in the world and all collectively find common ground to achieve this for the future of our Boxer.

We are living at a time when the boxer world is completely divided for different reasons, the boxer breed is actually full of enemies, internal and external, … the breed NEEDS US !!!

We all will have our own views on how we arrived at the situation we find ourselves in today, let us forget the past and look forward, working together to see how we can fight as ONE supporting our beloved breed.

The Boxer breed is under pressure as are other breeds, we need to face the issues and work together otherwise we will not be able to continue with our passion. Legislation has and is being introduced in our member countries to control and in some cases stop the breeding of pure bred dogs and control ownership. We need to have in a place a strategy for the future to protect the boxer.

Is this the moment when we can put aside our differences no matter what they are and work together to find solutions for the problems we need to face to protect our breed the Boxer.

One moment out of political conflicts, one moment out of divisions, one moment “together for the Boxer Breed”, let´s show to the world that we really care about our Boxer Breed, are we able to do that ? I believe we can !

Working together with open communication and cooperation, put behind us the past that divided the Boxer world and with constructive minds be able to prevail over the challenges and achieve positive changes for the future.

Someone must always make the first step to join us all together, for the benefit of the breed, we must be positive and constructive looking only forward for a better Boxer World, it´s my responsibility, it´s our responsibility to try !

It is the moment to promote an International Boxer breed congress, let´s have a moment all together, a meeting open to all, with all Boxer Club President’s, all Boxer Associations, Vets and breeders, all together to discuss the moment of our Boxer, together to build solutions on how we can work together for only the benefit of the BOXER.

I propose that in January in Madrid we all come together for THE BOXER, WE CAN DO IT !

The exact date, location and how to register will be advised when they are confirmed.

With my best regards Pedro Bispo


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ATIBOX World Boxer Show 2024

1. 6. 2024 - 2. 6. 2024

We are happy to announce that Atibox World Boxer Show will take place on june 1st & 2nd 2024 in Exloo in The Netherlands.   More information will follow shortly.

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ATIBOX World Boxer Show 2024

1. 6. 2024 - 2. 6. 2024
Exloo Drenthe
Organisator: Netherlands Boxer Club
+31 620 324 198